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Volvo Wheel locks (set of 4)

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Volvo Wheel locks (set of 4)
Part Number: 31439226

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Lockable wheel bolts specially developed for Volvo Cars, which improves safety.

The lock pattern is located against the middle on the lockable bolts and is therefore difficult to reach with a screwdriver, for example. The top of the lockable bolt rotates and is therefore very difficult to loosen without the right wrench. A solid connection between wrench and bolt facilitates installation and removal, and in principle eliminates the risk of crooked tightening, which results in a damaged wrench.

The steel bolts are galvanized and have very good corrosion protection. Together with plastic caps, they provide an attractive appearance that matches the wheel. The design is similar to a standard bolt but sufficiently different to deter potential thieves.

Facts and advantages

  • Secure theft protection that makes it much more difficult to open the bolt without a wrench.

  • The design enables easy installation and removal.

  • Effective rust protection.

  • Good-looking design resembling a standard bolt.

  • Weight-optimized to avoid imbalance.


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