Volvo Car Wash Bulletin

Posted by LT Taylor on 10/15/2019 to Volvo News
Important! Read before any work is done to the car.

1. Inspect the paint surface. If any scratches or debris are found in the paint, do not try to remove them by waxing or polishing the


Important to consider when hand-washing your car with matte finish:
Only use car care products designed to clean matte paint finish (Wax and Silicone free). An example is
Wurth 0893020103
• Hose down the entire car until the loose dirt is removed to reduce the risk of washing scratches. Do
not spray water into the latches directly. Take extra care when using high-pressure cleaning. Take the
opportunity to hose down the undercarriage, including wheel arches and bumpers.
• Wash the car with a washing glove made of microfiber, car shampoo (Wax and Silicone free) and
plenty of warm water.
• Remove bird droppings from the surface as soon as possible. It contains substances that affect and
discolor the paint very quickly.

Soak the area.
2. Hose down the area.
3. Wash with car shampoo formulated for matte paint; use a washing glove. It is recommended that any
discoloration be removed by an authorized Volvo workshop.
• Insects, grease stains, and fingerprints are best removed using a special cleaning agent for matte
paint. Apply the cleaning agent with a microfiber cloth with a mild pressure.
• Wipe the car dry with a clean, soft microfiber cloth. If water droplets self-dry in bright sunlight, the
paint may get water stains.
• Remember to remove dirt from the drainage holes in the doors and in the sill moldings after washing
the car.
• Allow only a qualified workshop to carry out paint repairs.