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We provide a place during checkout for the Volvo VIN and request you provide it with every order but it is your choice. Below we answer some questions that customers have asked us before.

  • What is a VIN? Volvo and all car manufacturers assign a number to every vehicle called the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN.
  • Why do you need my VIN? The Volvo VIN number helps us to inspect your purchase so that we can make sure you get the correct color and part
  • What are the benefits of providing my VIN? 
  1. We verify the parts ordered are correct for your Volvo before shipping
  2. We verify you get the correct color
  3. We guarantee you get the correct parts and if you do not we pay for all shipping charges involved
  4. Some parts are not returnable and some incur a restocking fee but we waive all of that if you provided the VIN in the original order AND the return is due to a mistake we made. Clips, screws, and hardware are excluded as they cannot be verified by VIN.
  • Will sharing my Volvo VIN tell you private information? No. All the VIN tells us is the exterior and interior color codes and information about your car but nothing about you and we do not share any info provided.
  • Where do I find the VIN? The VIN can be found on the vehicle title, insurance card, registration and on the vehicle at the driver's side windshield/dash and usually on the drivers front door or doorposts.

Example of Volvo VIN plate