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Tips for finding and ordering the correct Volvo parts for your car

  • Left/Right? Left is the drivers' side and right is the passenger side unless you are in Europe and a few other countries that have right-hand drive. Picture yourself behind the steering wheel in the front seat and your left is left, right is right.
  • Color? Blonde vs Beige vs Oak, who knows which color to pick? Leave the color choice up to us by providing the VIN to your Volvo during checkout and we will make sure you get the correct color. The only exception is if you are purposely buying a color that is different from your Volvo's interior ie black floormats in a beige car. If that is the case please do not provide a VIN or leave us a note during checkout.
  • Warranty? All Genuine Volvo parts have a two-year warranty, unlimited mileage. All non-Volvo parts have a one year warranty
  • Returns? Most parts can be returned for a full refund but there are a few exceptions. Safety parts like seatbelts, airbags etc cannot be returned. Anything installed cannot be returned. Some electrical parts like control modules cannot be returned if the box/bag is opened. Please return all parts within 30 days or contact us for prior approval.
  • Core Charge? Volvo charges us a "core charge" on some parts that are remanufactured such as rack & pinions, alternators, starters, power steering pumps and more. If you see a part has a core charge it does not necessarily mean the part you will receive is remanufactured. Sometimes Volvo wants to start collecting used parts for a future remanufacture program but they sell new parts for two years or more. All cores must be drained and assembled before returning back to us and they also must be returned in the box the new parts came in. We are not responsible for return shipping charges. Volvo offers remanufactured parts to save you money. If they can repair a part without the cost of replacing everything it saves you money.
  • VIN? Click here for info about Vehicle Identification Numbers
  • Pricing Error? Please click here for our policy on pricing errors or for all policies
  • International? Yes, we ship everywhere in the world with 5 or 6 exceptions which are Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and parts of Africa
  • Payment Types? Yes we accept Paypal, Visa/MC, Discover & Amex
  • Taxes and/or Duty Fees? We only charge tax on orders shipped to Texas. We do not charge any tax or duty fees to international customers but your country might? Unfortunately, we have no control over that nor do we know how much it will cost because all countries are different. In Canada, USPS is the best way to ship because we are told they charge less than other carriers. In Australia, you can order around $1000.00 AUD and they do not charge you duty. Always check with your local duty office to be sure. If an order is canceled after shipping due to duty fees, we often do not get the package back so we cannot refund you.
  • South America? Yes, we ship to South America BUT it is very expensive and in some countries, they charge you crazy duty fees. We have a large customer base in SA but the majority of them have us ship their order to a freight forwarding company in Florida or NY.