Remove Shift Knob on most Volvo's 1999-Up

Posted by myvolvoparts on 8/30/2018 to Volvo Repair Instructions
Remove Shift Knob on most Volvo's 1999-Up
Removing the boot from the gear selector knob. Remove the top panel from the center console.
Grip the boot. Pull the boot upwards.

Insert a small screwdriver between the boot and the gear selector lever knob to access the lock bracket.
Carefully pry the screwdriver forward so that the lock bracket detaches from the gear selector lever knob.

Note! Only undamaged lock brackets can be reused.
Remove the gear selector knob as follows:
Stand astride the center console. Grasp the gear selector lever knob with both hands. Pull it straight upwards with a hard jerk.

Installing the lock bracket on the gear selector knob. Note!
The locking sleeve cut-out must be forwards so that it passes into the gear selector knob guide.
Slide the locking sleeve and boot up to the knob guide.
Pull up the sleeve so that it locks on one side (1).

Press hard on the lock side of the locking sleeve (2). At the same time, pull the locking sleeve up towards the boot so that it locks.
Check that the boot is correctly positioned. Adjust if necessary.

Installing the top panel

Bend the panel downwards. Press the gear selector boot into place in the center console.

Install the panel (the pen holder) between the center console and the dashboard.