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We list our policies below regarding pricing errors, shipping quotes and returns. Please know this before reading them; we have been in business for more than 35 years and for more than 15 years online. We have customers that buy from us all the time and some for more than 10 years. We will work with you as much as we can and even sell parts at cost if needed. Our company goal is to treat others the way we would want to be treated. We will be fair with you, we only ask you do the same.

Pricing Errors
: Ninety-Nine Percent of the time our prices are correct, however, if we do have a pricing error we reserve the right to refuse business if a part is purchased on our website and the price is below our cost. Volvo has over 1 million parts in their catalog and we have 20,000 plus parts on our website so there could occasionally be a pricing error. It is rare but should you place an order with us and the price of the product is below our cost we will offer you the product(s) at cost plus shipping but we will not sell it for below our cost. Website orders are not a contract and we are not legally bound to sell you the part or accessory. Every parts website online has pricing errors due to the huge amount of auto parts available.

Shipping Quotes: Our shopping cart estimates the shipping costs and is correct ninety-nine percent of the time but if there is an error we will contact you via email and notify you before proceeding with the order. We reserve the right to refuse business if shipping the order cost us more than you paid. If there is a pricing error it is usually due to a remote location, a heavy part, or a large part that drives the cost way up.

Application Errors: There are over 1 billion possible applications regarding Volvo parts online catalog so even though it is rare it can happen. We reserve the right to refuse business due to application error.

VIN (Vehicle ID Number) rules: If you provide us with a VIN number in the space allowed during checkout, we will verify your order and guarantee all parts are correct (see exceptions). If you provide the VIN and we send you the wrong parts we will pay for the return of the wrong parts, pay the shipping fees for sending you the correct parts, and we will not charge any restocking fees. If you do not provide the VIN number that is your choice but some parts cannot be returned and some orders will incur a 20% restocking fee if the part is returned and no VIN was provided. We will work with you as much as we can and a lot of parts can be returned no problem because we stock them and sell them all the time BUT some parts Volvo will not allow us to return and some parts Volvo charges us a return fee.

Excluded parts verification by VIN: We cannot verify the application on clips, screws, hardware etc because they may fit your car but not in the exact spot you ordered them for. Also if you order a left part but really needed a right part that is your mistake, not ours because we will send the side you requested.

Parts that cannot be returned: We cannot take back any safety-related parts such as seatbelts, airbags, airbag parts, sensors etc. Electronic parts cannot be returned if opened because most electronic parts require a software download and we cannot sell opened electronic parts to other customers. Classic parts for Volvo's 1900-2000 cannot be returned because Volvo does not allow returns on classic parts.
 Return Policy for Defective or Damaged Products and Shipping Errors

If Your Product Arrived Damaged

MYVOLVOPARTS.COM / VOLVOWHOLESALEPARTS.COM is not responsible for shipping damage – the carrier is responsible for all external visible damage and concealed damage. Therefore, if there is visible damage, refuse the shipment and do not sign for it or take delivery. If the shipment has concealed damage, you must notify MYVOLVOPARTS.COM / VOLVOWHOLESALEPARTS.COM  with in 24 hours of receipt of item.  All products are shipped F.O.B. (Freight on Board) and become the sole property of the purchaser upon delivery to the specified shipping agent.  Please notify MYVOLVOPARTS.COM / VOLVOWHOLESALEPARTS.COM within 24 hours of receipt of a damaged shipment in order to process your claim. 

Contact us at 1-855-568-2211

In addition, be sure to document all damage with photos and email them to [email protected] within 24 hours of receiving a damaged shipment.

Shipping Errors

Any discrepancy, including wrong items or missing items, must be reported to within 24 hours of receipt. All packages will be shipped the following business day. However, If your product is on back-order it will be shipped using the shipping method you originally chose as soon as the product is available. 

Defective Products

MYVOLVOPARTS.COM / VOLVOWHOLESALEPARTS.COM must be notified within 30 business days of receipt if customer desires to make a defective product claim.  Customer must call for a return authorization number. All parts that are returned as a defective product claim may be subject to quality, operation, and/or performance tests.. Please Note: 

Call Customer Service for a Return Authorization Number, Damaged Shipment or Short Shipment:

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST, Mon - Fri