Laminated Panoramic Roof on Volvo's Benefits of

Posted by myvolvoparts on 8/17/2018 to Volvo News

Laminated Panoramic Roof

  • Customers will experience an amazing feeling of spaciousness, light, and freedom — whether they’re in the front seats or the rear. 
  • No other vehicle in its class has this type of special tinted laminated glass.


  • Provides a generous amount of lights and a feeling of spaciousness, almost like being in a convertible.
  • Uses special tinted lamination to deliver extra protection against sun damage and discomfort, reduce UV radiation, reduce break-ins and theft, and in the case of a rollover, keep glass from shattering into the vehicle.
  • Reduces wind noise while the vehicle is in motion thanks to the integrated wind blocker.
  • Allows additional ventilation of the cabin from above.


  • The roof is made of 0.2-inch (0.5 cm) tinted, laminated glass for better performance and protection compared to a conventional moonroof or sunroof.
  • It includes a wind blocker and sunshade and can be tilted to provide ventilation. 
  • Customers operate the roof via a multi-function but located in the ceiling console.
  • The roof is divided into two sections and opens by sliding over the rear section, which is fixed in place.
  • Customers can open the roof halfway or fully open; the rear portion of the movable roof can also be tilted to provide additional ventilation.
  • The roof includes an electrically operated roller curtain sunshade in stylish beige mesh.
  • A sensor provides protection for hands and fingers: it detects obstructions when the glasses moving, and will stop in reverse direction if it senses nothing in the way.
  • The wind blocker on the front of the movable glass is pushed up when the roof is open to deflect the wind and reduce the low-frequency resonating sound that can result.