Genuine Volvo Spark Plugs Why use genuine Volvo

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Genuine Volvo Spark Plugs Why use genuine Volvo
This article hopes to help you understand why you should always buy genuine Volvo spark plug sets and when you should replace your Volvo's spark plugs.

Why use Genuine Volvo Spark Plugs? Let's be honest, there are times when using an aftermarket part on your Volvo is not only ok to do but very reasonable. Take suspension parts like ball joints, tie rods etc, there are a lot of good companies out there that make decent products and some of the companies like TRW, Mehle and Sachs actually make some of the parts that are sold as genuine Volvo. 
So why can't I use NGK or Bosch plugs instead of genuine Volvo spark plugs?
Don't NGK, Denso and Bosch make some of Volvo's spark plugs?

The answer may surprise you. Volvo has a contract with some of the aftermarket companies I mentioned to make spark plugs for Volvo's but the deal is that those companies cannot make the same spark plug that they make for Volvo. Before you shout "unfair Volvo" please consider the fact that Volvo has every right to demand a supplier make an exclusive product for them. Many manufacturers do this. So the Spark plugs that come factory in your Volvo are made to Volvo's exact temperatures, tolerances and specs and the spark plugs found at an auto parts store is not the same. Does that really matter? Yes. We get Volvo's in all the time that have developed a "miss" which can cause the car to idle rough, or get poor gas mileage. Sometimes it happens immediately and sometimes it takes weeks or months to happen but in my 13+ years of working on Volvo's I have seen hundreds of cars that idle rough and have poor gas mileage because someone used aftermarket spark plugs. I have seen some people spend more money than the factory Volvo spark plugs cost and use top name brands, ceramic plugs, iridium plugs, double platinum plugs and all have failed. We install a new set of genuine Volvo spark plugs and the car is fixed. Save yourself some time and money and demand genuine Volvo spark plugs.

When should I replace my spark plugs? Most Volvo's are good for 100,000 miles in between spark plug changes.

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