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Genuine Volvo Leather Care Wipes

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Genuine Volvo Leather Care Wipes
Part Number: 31393558
Volvo offers convenient wipes for leather care that you can keep in your glovebox so you're ready to keep your Volvo V60 leather seats and other parts in great shape.

Volvo Leather Care Wet Wipe - Genuine Volvo 31393559

Unlike your favorite fine wine, leather does not improve with age and requires regular maintenance to keep its beautiful appearance. The cleaner effectively cleans the car's leather upholstery, while the protective cream provides effective protection against stains and dirt, and facilitates future cleaning.

Kit Contents:

  • A pre-impregnated wipe with cleaning agent

  • A pre-impregnated wipe with moisturizing protective cream

  • A soft polishing cloth

One kit is sufficient to treat two front seats or the rear seat. Volvo Recommends treating the leather in your vehicle 1-4 times yearly. 

Leather upholstery

Volvo's leather upholstery is treated to preserve its original appearance.

Leather upholstery is a natural product that changes and acquires a beautiful patina over time. Regular cleaning and treatment are required in order that the properties and colors of the leather shall be preserved. Volvo offers a comprehensive product, Volvo Leather Care Kit/Wipes, for the cleaning and treatment of leather upholstery which, when used in accordance with the instructions, preserves the leather's protective coating.

To achieve best results, Volvo recommends the cleaning and application of the protective cream once to four times per year (or more if required). The Volvo Leather Care Kit/Wipes is available from your Volvo dealer.

Leather steering wheel

Leather needs to breathe. Never cover the leather steering wheel with protective plastic. Volvo Leather Care Kit/Wipes is recommended for cleaning the leather steering wheel.

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