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Front Seat Cover Universal Fits most Volvo's (2001-Up)

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Volvo Accessory Front Seat Cover
Part Number: 32272779
A reversible seat protection in durable material designed for the front seats of the car. The front seat protection is a practical accessory to keep at hand for when you want avoid the risk of making the seat dirty, such as after a training session or a walk in the woods. The protection is optimised for seats with seat cushion extension, but can also be used on seats without the extension. The front and rear sides of the cover have different properties: one side consists of durable, woven fabric with high comfort and the other side has a water-repellent function. You can choose which side you want facing out when you put on the cover. Both sides can be easily wiped clean after use.

The seat cover fits easily on the driver's or passenger seat by hanging it over the head restraint, pulling it down slightly over the backrest and the front edge of the seat cushion, and then attaching it between the backrest and the seat cushion. It is just as easy to remove and can be folded up and stored in the cargo compartment for easy access.

Facts and advantages

  • Reversible, one side is water repellent.

  • Easy to fold/roll up and store in the cargo compartment.

  • Easy to install.

  • Easy to wipe off.

Technical data


Woven fabric in polyester and stitched fabric in polyester with PVC coating.

Accessory weight:

1 kg


Charcoal solid, Black


Wash by hand

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