Best Price Genuine Volvo Parts

Posted by My Volvo Parts on 12/29/2016 to Chats and Feedback
Best Price Genuine Volvo Parts
Price Match Guarantee Rules
  • Apples for Apples. The part must be a new, genuine Volvo part and sold by a retailer or online catalog not by an individual.
  • The price must be verifiable with a url to the online website
  • Freight cost will be considered. If our competition sells a part for $25.00 plus $15.00 shipping but we sell it for $26.00 plus $10.00 shipping then we are actually the lower price already
  • Promo's, coupons and discounts will be included in the price match, Not in addition to the price match. If we have a 10% off promo that makes our price less anyway then we will not match the price and offer the discount.